Highland Scenic Highway
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Great for fall drives!

Whether you drive a Chevrolet, Cannondale or Harley, the ride along the Highland Scenic Highway, a beautiful corridor through the Monongahela National Forest, is a visual masterpiece!  The inimitable ride gives you a bird’s eye view of expansive dense hardwood forests, capped with opaque spruce. 

The Highland Scenic Highway, a National Forest Scenic Byway, is the highest major roadway in West Virginia and extends 43 miles from Richwood to U.S. Route 219, seven miles north of Marlinton. The Highway follows State Route 39/55 for 21 miles from Richwood to the Cranberry Mountain Visitor Center.  It then turns onto State Route 150 for the 22 mile Parkway section and rises from an elevation of 2,300 feet to over 4,500 feet.

Four scenic overlooks located along the Parkway portion of the Highway provide spectacular views of the Allegheny Highlands. Drivers, however, don’t have to wait until they get to an overlook to enjoy the continual beauty along the Highway.  Each stretch of road offers breathtaking scenery, intriguing perspectives, and incomparable glimpses. The heart-stopping dips take your breath away.  

While the Highland Scenic Highway is one of West Virginia’s most spectacular automobile events, you will want to get out of the car to take in the smells, listen to the wind, and scan for wildlife.  Clear days offer astounding views of cloud inversions, hillsides colored with brilliant spring wildflowers, or a collection of crimson colored leaves across panoramic mountains during fall. 

Four scenic overlooks along the Parkway provide spectacular views of the Allegheny Highlands. Be sure to stop at the Honeycomb Rocks located at 1.3 miles east of the Williams River Bridge or if headed from the east, it is 7.6 miles west of the Rt 219 and Rt 150 intersection north of Marlinton.

The Parkway is not maintained for winter travel, but the unplowed road offers people on snowmobiles and cross country skis a special ribbon of winter fun!